Services / Capabilities

Sand Supplies

Dinos carts sand from its sand pit in Gelorup and can supply and cart a range of other materials at a very competitive rate including:

  • Gravel
  • Blue Metal
  • Fill Sand
  • Screened Sand
  • Beach Sand
  • Mulches
  • Limestone

Dino’s delivers from 1 metre loads for garden and household needs to large volumes for block fill and construction.


Dino’s range of custom-built stainless steel tankers, transport edible oils, drinking water and biodiesel with a load capacity of around 80,000 litres.

These state-of-the-art tankers are fitted with heating systems to maintain the product at the required temperatures.

They are fitted with a modern anti-roll over system, electronic braking systems and antilock braking systems for improved road safety.

Building Industry

Low loader hire / Flat top

Dinos has a quad low loader available for the transportation of plant and equipment. Drop deck trailers are equipped for the transportation of sea containers, freight and brick cartage.


Six to eight tonne trucks fitted with Hiabs are available for small to large projects, suitable for the safe and efficient moving of bulk loads such as bricks, blocks, gyprock, machinery and waste materials for the construction and industrial sectors.

Timber Cartage

Dino’s has a comprehensive log carting fleet which transports pine logs to large sawmills from plantations across the South West.

The fleet includes Jinker and prime mover road train combinations with a range of bolster configurations for different log sizes.

Dino’s operates Ephinstone easyloaders, boasting two and three tier trailer loading systems which fold up when empty, ensuring increased stability, making the rigs safer on the roads, reducing wear and tear and improving operating efficiency. Easy loaders also feature an on-board weighing system.


Dino’s operates a fleet of vehicles used in cartage for the agricultural industry, from fertilizers to grain and other products. Whether it’s from CBH’s grain handling facilities, the farming region or major fertilizer operations, Dino’s offers specially rigged trucks that ensure the quality of the product is maintained.


All trucks in Dino’s fleet are fitted with modern GPS technology, which tracks the location of each truck and provides real time information on the progress of every project. It also produces a range of reports to monitor fatigue, idling times, speed and fuel usage.

Central to Dino’s latest equipment is a Central Tyre Inflation System, which is designed to increase and decrease the pressure in tyres to suit road surfaces, conditions and gradients.

All Dino’s log trucks feature this system to prevent soil erosion and damage to roads, agricultural properties and forests.

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